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Home Improvement :: Types of Swimming Pools

There are different types of swimming pools and they are named based on their usage. Swimming pools can be public, private, infinity, competition, exercise, natural swimming pools and swimming ponds, ocean and hot tubs and spas.

Public Poo

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Should I get an in-ground or above ground pool?

Don't dive right in to buying a swimming pool! You have to decide whether you want to purchase an in-ground or above ground pool before you start inflating those inner tubes. Here are some factors that will influence your decision:


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Fiberglass Inground Pools - Low Maintenance, long Lasting Pool Design Ideas

Sand filter media are beds of granular material, or sand, drained fromunderneath to ensure that pretreated wastewater can be treated, collected anddistributed for the land application system. An automatic in-ground pool cleaner helps you may spend read more...